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        Tangential Belts


      NYCO® high-efficiency tangential belts have the advantages of high tensile strength and minimum elongation and are suitable for high-speed machines for spinning engineering.

      Table 2.2 shows types, technical data and applications of high-efficiency tangential belts made by NYBELT.

      Table 2.2 shows types, technical data and applications of high-efficiency tangential belts made by NYBELT.

      " "-Tangential belts 
      " "-transmission flat belts 
      Belt surface colours: YE-yellow DG-dark green MG-middle green LG-light green BG-black green DB- dark blue MB-middle blue LB-light blue DGY-dark grey LGY-light grey

      Properties and advantages of high-efficiency tangential belts: 
      Power transmission efficiency: over 98%; 
      Minimum elongation; 
      Good flexibility; 
      Smooth, firm and unbreakable joints; 
      Constant coefficient of friction; 
      Proof against oil and dust; 
      Permanently antistatic; 
      Even and stable yarn-quality; 
      No contamination to yarn; 
      Energy saving by 5-15%, especially suitable for high-speed operation; 
      Standard width of belts(mm):5,10,12,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,70,80; 
      Belt speed: over 60m/s; 
      No vibration, no fading during operation; 
      Normal service life: 1-2 years.

      NYCO®  high-efficiency tangential belts can help to improve your yarn quality, reduce your energy consumption and noise level. Such belts can also improve the working conditions and environment in textile mills.

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